How I can pay for my purchase?


1.Choose the product you want to buy .
2 .
Click the button " Add to cart " . This will add the product to your cart and bring you the same .
2 . You can continue to add other products to the cart or else click " Sign Shop " .
3 . Fill in your contact details and click "Continue" .
4 . Enter the address where you want to receive the product. Then click on " Continue" .
5 . Select the shipping method you want and click on " Continue" .
or the conduct Shipments via UPS / UPS.
6 . Choose the payment method .
or you can also select the option of " negotiable " .
7. Once you have chosen the method of payment , click "Continue " .
8 . Finally on the purchase confirmation page you can review all purchase information . Then click on " Continue" .
9. There will be redirected to another screen for you to complete the data on the form of payment chosen . After confirming you will receive an email from us, that will not be a receipt.
10 . Once the payment is confirmed , we will ship product for your purchased .


We make national shipments through Correo Argentino and international through UPS / UPS.


Returns & Exchanges

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If your purchase is not satisfactory you can make a change or return, following the following guidelines:

Term: 10 working days from delivery.

The shipping costs, if not for error or defective merchandise, will be borne by the customer.

When we verify that the product to be returned is in perfect condition, we will process the change or return.

Changes may be made for a product of equal or greater value. In case of greater value, they must pay the difference.

In case of return, the price of the product will be paid by the same way in which it was paid and within five business days from the time it arrives to our study.

Custom or custom items and those that are in promotion, offer or 'Outlet' can not be changed or returned. In addition, it is essential that the products are in their original packaging and under the same conditions in which we have sent them. Failure to do so (in case we receive the product dirty, damaged, damaged, etc.) will not make any change or refund of the product, being the only possible solution a new shipment of the same merchandise to the customer in charge of East.

For any questions or queries, for personalized orders, we thank you to contact us through our mail:


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